Help im confused about this girl?

there's this girl that i know through mutual friends we never met until acouole weeks ago when i messaged her on Facebook and asked her if she was working ( she works at a bar in a restuarant. I told her i wanted to come in and see her so she replied with ill be here can't wait. So i went in and she looked nervous kept smileing and i kept seeing her look at me here and there. It was reallly slow so she we got chances to talk i was nervous to so i didn't have too much to say but she kept asking me questions about myself and i could tell she was trying to keep the convo going. I had gone to the bathroom and she was walking back from the kitchen and she turned around and looked at me and smiled and we just looked at each other for like 10 seconds and she said mhmm and turned around. Well when i was ready to leave she said i better give her a hug so i did and she said next time hug me like a man so i said i didn't think u would want me too and she replied with you dont know what i want with a big smile. She messaged me when i left and said glad you came it was good to finally see u in person, But we only talk on Facebook and she's slow to reply but everytime i say im coming to see her she says she can't wait or Yay ill be there with a smiley face. But when i said text me she didn't reply but I've been in to see her like three times after that so I don't know whats going on. She just got out of a 5 year relationship and trying to move out of her ex bfs house. She said she was going to text me but her exbf goes through her phone and blocks peoples numbers and text them saying stuff.


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  • she's into you but she's probably envoys after getting out of such a long relationship. And probably texting isn't her things. She doesn't know how to flirt through text since the last time she had to worry about a relationship was before texting was big.


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  • What is there to be confused about? She's in an awkward situation with her ex. Just be patient and be a friend until that's all sorted. Nothing good will come pushing any more until she gives you the impression she is ready.

    • My confusion is am i right that she's sending me signals

    • Sounds like she likes you yeah. You must have come to that conclusion by yourself right? You can never be 100% sure though.

      Just continue what you are doing. Don't expect texts or messages back and don't send many because of her ex. Preferably meet in person and just keep things that simple. Nothing to be confused about just try spend more time with her.

      Also be careful, you don't know what the situation is with her ex. Some people can bend the truth.