Is it weird? Do guys gets intitimidated when a girl DM's him?

there's this guy and he goes to a school on the other side of school. I find him very attractive we also do the same sport. Which is how I got to know who he is. I recently followed him on Instagram and he followed me back. We don't know each other but I'd like to get to know him better. But would it be weird if I were to DM him? Would I come off as desperate? Is it a turn off if I were to do this?

  • Yes it's weird.
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  • No! It's cool when girls make the first move!
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  • What is DM

    • Direct message. Like on Instagram you can set a conversation and chat with that person. Kind of like Facebook messaging. :)

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    • You can! :) do you think it would be odd if a strange girl were to message you?

    • No I wouldn't mind that lol

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  • When you're legal you're welcome to DM me


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