Girls never seem to express interest in me what should I be doing differently?

I really need some advice. I'm in high school somewhat smart funny and I've been told I'm not the worst looking person out there. I consider myself quite introverted but among my friends (all guys) I can get loud and tend to joke a lot.
Their are only certain girl s who I will ever say anything to, for some reason I do not even have the confidence to have casually talk with girls. I guess I'm just really shy but I feel that if someone were too approach me first I could continue a conversation with them.
I guess, how should I look what should I do in social scenarios that might prompt a girl to finally approach me.
I know I worded this whole question awkwardly but I really don't know what to say.
ny advice would help me.


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  • do you have a best friend that is girl?

    • revised: do you have a girl that texts you first a lot?

    • Not really I never really started talking to any girls I was always way too shy
      A lot of girls I know have my number even though they never asked me for it but no girl really ever texts me first

    • exactly girls always want to be texted first but if your going to text first talk to the girl ahead of time or she'll just think you like her and your weird.

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