How do I proceed? with my crush and new guy?

ok so me and this guy have been hanging out. I really like him but lately he has been... not as.. uhm interested? he stopped asking to hangout and doesn't show as much attention to my Facebook. im hurt but I decided to just give him his space. however a cute guy recently started asking me to hangout and I found out they know each other. now I don't know if I should go out with guy number 2 because I don't want guy number 1 to think I smashed the homie. however guy number 1 isn't my bf we haven't even kissed so why treat it like we are exclusive? what should I do?

should I ask guy number 1 about guy number 2 and make him aware of the situation? ugh I just need guidance


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  • If you and guy #1 have not even kissed yet then I really don't see why you can't hang out with guy #2. It's not like guy number one has dibs on you. And I'm sure if guy #1 thought more of you as just a friend he would have informed his friends and therefore guy #2 would not have asked you to hang out. Just do what you want. If guy #1 wanted to be with you he should have made it clear.