Where is this going does she like me?

Back ground single father been through a shitty marriage.
Recently started dating someone I have grown to like a lot. We have been out about about 8 times on various dates.( at first I told her finding time would be hard but I've made the effort to make time) And also been meeting up most lunch times when I've been working around where she lives. On dates we hold hands she interlocks fingers we always have a hug sit cuddled up if out watching a movie or on a bus sat between legs at a bus stop my arms around her Brought her gifts helped her move place recently and today she cooked me lunch always texting each other. She wants to meet my son and have made plans to go out on his second birthday coming up. Things seems to be going well. But my insecurities are we have only kissed on the cheek. I've been on many dates before and after married never had a problem in this situation. I trust her and respect her but confused why we only have kissed on the cheek of course I want a kiss on the lips but guess I'm waiting for it to just happen naturally. So ladies what are your openions on this situation is there a potential relationship developing things going slow or is she not interested?

Thanks that's good to hear. Each time things do kick up a notch. This time I just want to do things right and properly as hand on heart she's really worth it


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  • This sounds like such a genuine relationship! The fact that she wants to meet you son shows that she doesn't want to rush into things without getting to know you Properly first. We girls like to know the ins and outs because the more we feel we know you, the more comfortable we will be around you. I think since its starting off slow but steady, keep kicking it up a notch? Women also dont like to make the first move, so it could just be the same waiting game for her too. If i were in your position, i would have a nice conversation with her, about anything, and then when you're close to each other physically, lean in. Watch how she reacts, play it by ear and hopefully by the end of it, you'll have had an amazing kiss! I understand you won't want to ruin what you have at the moment, but don't rush it either. Only do it when you're ready :)

    • Thanks that's good to hear. Each time things do kick up a notch. This time I just want to do things right and properly as hand on heart she's really worth it Report

    • If she's generally or what seems like a traditional woman, it most likely never occurred to her that she might be the one to make the first move :) baby steps! You'll get there :)

    • Thanks again its been a good week. I've been working around where her morning job is so have been picking her up when she's finished or like yesterday she walked to where i was working. cooked lunch together yesterday too so I guess things are on the right track. always having a laugh a hug hold hands she often squeezes my hand sometimes when walking which i guess is also a good sign just see how things go. and to be honest if this is a slow burner I'm in it for the long haul.

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