Was this chick hitting on me?

I was at the gym in the stretch room for a pre-workout stretch.
There were a few others in there, and this ridiculously hot Asian chick who was doing the splits. I could see from my lateral vision that she was looking at me as I was stretching. When the others left, she asked me in a very shy and sweet, smiley way:
"heyyy.. I have a random question (laughs).. can you please take a photo of me?"
Gives a really cool pose.
Then goes "I'm trying to text, stretch, eat my bar and take a photo at once"

I just laughed and said "how do girls multi-task!"
I was instantly attracted to her but didn't want to come off as a creep, so I didn't bother carrying it forward. I would have flirted back and said something like "boy, you gotta teach me how to multi-task"

Was she hitting on me?
Do you think I should have continued or did I do the right thing by leaving it there?

The reason I'm not 100% sure is because she could have asked the many other people who were there earlier, and she wasn't checking them out either.


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  • It sounds like she was. I think you did the right thing in the sense that you wouldn't want to scare her off by showing a lot of interest or immediately asking her out. However, most girls I know would only ask a random guy to take their picture at the gym if they had some interest in him - if she were actually concerned with taking a good picture I'm sure she would've asked a girl nearby as we ladies tend to care more about picture-taking than guys do.

    Definitely talk to her if you see her again. Ask if she needs another photo taken or come up with a funny opener/conversation-starter. I rarely talk to a soul at the gym so it's always nice to have someone to chat with - the fact that she approached you is a really good sign. :)


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  • I dont know... but those gym girls are hot...


    • They look too manly for my taste.

  • Yeah bro sounds like she was. Do you see her often?

    • Only like once a month