Should I try to approach again?

About three weeks ago, the girl I'm dating said she wanted to see me for sure on Sunday. When I went over to her place, I got no response, I tried calling once, and sent a text. I called once the next day and got no reply to any of those.

I want your guys' and girls' opinion on this and whether I should contact her again or not.


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  • Looks like she just 'disappeared' on you. Don't contact her again, because you have contacted her enough. If she's interested, she'll contact you herself. If not, good riddance. You wouldn't want to be with someone like her.

    • That's what I have been thinking too. Never hurts to get opinions. Thanks!

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    • Thanks for MHO! And yeah, you have the right attitude!

    • You bet bortha! You exactly said what I had in mind. I was looking for reaffirmation that I was not being irrational.

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  • Has she spoken to you since?

    • @shadowlegend No

    • Well she's either dead or she changed her mind about seeing you and is just trying to cut you out by ignoring you all together.

    • Makes complete sense, thanks!

  • Maybe try giving it a little while so you don't seem desperate but defiantly try to talk to her again. Girls like guys who show that they are into them.


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