Guy im dating still has feelings for ex. Should I stop seeing him?

We've been dating for 6 months. He hasn't commited yet and said he's afraid to be in a rrelationship. His ex broke up with him 3 years ago and he still thinks of her and still has feelings for her. But why does he act as if he has feelings for me? He always holds my hand first and cuddles first and kisses me first and even initiates contact all the time cause i dont initiate. Should i stop seeing him since she's still on his mind and why is he acting as if he has feelings for me and as if he's my bf and always calls me baby... I dont wanna be with someone who thinks about another girl from his past:(


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  • I think you should it's been 3 years and he still can't let it go? I understand maybe having feelings at first since he wasn't the one that end it but it should fade and he should be ready to move on if you've been dating this long now. Damage goods. Find another.


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