How should I ask him out again or hint for him to ask me out again?

He had asked me out on a date and was really persistent about it 3 weeks ago. We had a really good time and he told me he had a good time. We continued talking and I asked if we were going out again and he said he had fun and wanted to. Once again he was very persistent and planned it and we went on a second date a 2 days later where we had a really good time again. I slept over at his place and we slept together. We already hooked up and slept together 2 months ago. After he dropped me off the next morning I texted him and we continued to talk all day. He did not text me for a few days so I tected him and we talked only a little. I left to go back to school a week and a half ago so now he's two hours away. I get its a pretty new, I don't want to force anything, does he need space?

I am going to be seeing him this weekend because its my friend's (he's my friends brother) friends bday and we are all going out and staying at his house. She invited me. I really just want to see where things go since we connected and I see potential. How can I hint for him to ask me out again or how could I ask him out again?

How can I bring it up without seeming to clingy or pushy?


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  • You can ask and it won't seem clingy or pushy, unless you say "i desperately need to go out with you"


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  • Just keep telling you had a lot of fun with him, and suggest something you have in common, I'm sure he'll love it:)

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