Doesn't suggest to meet up? should I break up?

my boyfriend like NEVER suggest when we could meet up or where etc! for example i say 'how about Tuesday' he says 'no im busy' and that's it! he doesn't suggest another day so i have to keep saying 'how about monday' or what ever day and he says 'yh could do if u want to'

does this mean that he doesn't really want to meet up? should i be worried?

please help me, i will be very grateful!!!


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  • Yeah I don't think it workout out. Maybe he's shy? I don't know weird

    • he is defo not shy!

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    • he didn't say love u back, I know he didn't, I would have remembered if he did and would have defo broken up with him there and then if he did

    • Well. He should want to meet up with you if he really loves you.. My opinion

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  • Classic male disposal methods.
    Don't break up, that's what he wants.
    Instead bombard him with how awesome you think he is in any method possible.
    This fucks with his 'a' game

    • so basically he wants us to break up?

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    • thanks...

    • I was just saying to him that he can do so much better than me and he was saying that he can't and that he wants us to be together for a very long time