Did he refuse to date me because of what others would think?

This happened awhile ago but back in 8th grade I gained a lot of weight and noticably had extra weight on me but i wasn't fat , and I also was kinda poor so I didn't have the nicest clothing. I had a guy named "B" in all of my classes and soon we started talking and it was obvious we both liked eachother. Even his friends noticed it. We texted a lot and he wanted to hangout at his place but I couldn't go because of transportation. Anyways, a lot of people at the school didn't like me because of the way I looked. I was a loner for the most part. Once in lunch these 3 girls were pushing eachother infront of eachother because none of them wanted to stand next to me in line and I've seen other people dissaprove of me but it was never to my face. And once in a game "B" chose me as a partner and his friend said " You chose her?" and "B" didn't say anything and pretended he didn't hear it. Me and "B" texted almost everyday and one day I was shocked to find out that he just got a girlfriend! I was confused because I know he really liked me and I'm 100% positive he would date me, but again a lot of people didn't like me and they would probrally dislike him too for dating me and he would possibly be a loner as well. What do you think?


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  • If he was a young boy then he probably did what he thought others would approve of.