Hey everyone. Ok so I've been single for 2 years and I figured it's time to get back out there and meet someone, but dating seems to be too much for me, I've met so many guys who just want to play games. But finally I met this guy who I'm really interested in and we really hit it off (no sex though) we had 3 really awesome dates and then after that it went downhill, we were going to meet up on the weekend before the holidays and that's when I got a text saying that he's got a lot going on and that he couldn't see me. Then I went out of town for a week and when I came back he said he was still busy and apologized saying he would make it up to me, when I ask him what's going on he won't tell me, finally 2weeks later I text him telling him I can't deal with it then he says let's hang out , so we hung out and he was really quiet and distant which really pissed me off, after that he texted me the next day as usual, I asked him what's wrong he said he had a lot going on at work but he won't tell me, we text but he stops texting in mid convo and I don't hear from him until the next day. Is this guy playing me or am I being an emotional girl. I like him but with everything that's going on I just don't see where I fit, he seemed so interested at first but now it's like he's barely there. Should I walk away?


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  • if someone is interested in you, they will show you.. They will make time for you. I have had personal experience with this... Maybe he really is busy but don't tell me that you don't even have one night open in 3 weeks time? Maybe he met someone else or maybe he felt it got too serious. You deserve someone that makes time to be with you and that wants to spend time with you. Just ignore him for a week. If he still texts you then you should give him another chance but if he stops trying to get in touch with you then you should move on

    • Thank you so much! I'll try it out and see what happens.

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