Seeing a 20 year old female, Now i'm not sure is this a polite brush off? , or does she sound genuine?

Hello, been seeing a 20 year old for a few weeks, having a lot of fun, there is a spark.. she completely went quiet for a week and this is her story... .. I'm sorry I havn't gotten back to you, I got some news over new year and couldn't talk to anyone so I've been a bit of a hermit. Its not bad its just confusing and has made me question everything so I don't know what I'm doing with my life. Its one of those existential crisis moments but yeah I'm a bit of a confused mess and not a good person to date right now. I'm sorry. I know I think I need to sort my life out before I see anyone. but you need to know how fabulous you are, wildly funny and an amazing person... that's 3 texts broken up between chat, and I suggested first that i'll give her space and let her sort herself out, though if she wants to talk i'll be around.. I'm letting it play itself out, though does it all sound like she has given me the polite brush off? just curious what other perspectives opinions are, thanks


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  • I think she really just need time by herself. She obviously have some stuff to figure out, it will be best to give her what she needs at the moment. Just make sure that she knows that you'll be around if she wants to talk, but don't push her into telling you anything. If she wants to she will.

    • Thanks, exactly the plan i'm going with, with luck it all works itself out

    • My pleasure :) Good luck

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  • If it wasn't genuine she wouldn't go to all the extra detail, there are plenty of other shorter excuses to get out of dating someone. Sounds genuine.

    • Great point, At this stage she has never given me any reason to doubt her honesty, thanks

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