Stereotypes that are entirely untrue. Am I right?

Asian women being submissive. This is the falsest stereotype of all. Asian women are almost always the toughest, most demanding, strongest, most opinionated women. I have never in my life met a truly "submissive" Asian woman, even in Asia, though I have seen a few whites and blacks that are.

Black men being big. Pretty much every girl and even guy believes it, and I think it was perpetrated by racism against blacks. Blacks are portrayed as a more savage race through this stereotype. Every study has found whites being the same size as blacks.

Asian men being small. From a locker room observation, this is probably true, but small flaccid penises grow more than large flaccid penises.

Black women being terrible. This is also saddening. Yes, most black women in the hood are loud, obnoxious, etc. BUT most people of every kind in the hood are like that. I've actually found black women in middle-class occupations to be the most respectful, possibly because they are the least desired.

California girls are liberal with sex. Note: I am describing the "stereotypical" artsy, liberal California girl". Absolutely not. They are, in fact the most difficult to bed because they have seen it all. Smoked it all, drank it all by 21.

White guys are the most desired. This is false because black men are higher on the current totem pole. Every poll shows blacks being seen as the best by 30-40% of women, but they are only 14% of the population. You do the math.

Asian women like white guys. This is actually true. I have seen the prettiest Asian women date average white guys. Medical doctors with perfect bodies and very clean visages date DJs. This bodes poorly for the Asian man, but who cares about them?

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  • You're wrong on several points.

    Penises: On average Africans are larger, and Asians are smaller.

    Asian women are perhaps passive aggressive, seemingly submissive but in fact quite controlling.

    California girls are just out of your league. Liberal doesn't mean they have no standards.

    Your stats show you don't know what most desired means.


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  • What about hispanics

  • I'll say you're question is pretty accurate


What Guys Said 2

  • Black men are the least desired along with indian men..

  • I would say you're mostly wrong... because... God hates gays?

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