Should I ask a guy I don't know to heart hop (Girls ask guys)?

Okay so I have no idea who he is and what his name is... But he's cute and with judgement he looks nice. I already have a plan or two, but I don't know if I should go with the first one.
Plan A: Walk with my friend and ask him at the end of the day, "Okay so my friend dared me to ask a random cute guy to heart hop so? Will you go with me?"

Plan B: Ask him where the art room is and ask him to lead me there, hoping he says yes. Then get to know him, say hi every once and awhile, then talk to him like a week after and ask if he wants to go.

Plan C: Any ideas?

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Heart Hop is a homecoming dance where girls ask guys.


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  • If you need a plan, the first is best. You are wasting too much time with plan 2 and another girl might beat you to it. This is the perfect chance to act on your crush without feeling awkward :)


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  • Plan A is more straightforward with higher chances of success.


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