What could be his reasons because I don't think it is because he is "tired "?

My bf and I have been dating for over a year. I moved in with him shortly after dating. He is the one that asked me to but I now wish I would of waited longer. For the past 5 months it seems like our sex life has decreased. Feels like it went down hill around our 1 year anniversary. Last night I said let's do it. And he said no because he was tired n had to get up at 6. Which he wasn't that tired cuz I've seen him tired before. N he use to want to do it still even when he was. I just don't know why he is like this now. It's like he make up excuses so we don't do it. I've asked if he has cheated on me but he says he hasn't . Whay else could be the reason he is like this now? He is 24 and I'm 23 so we are still young. Just what could it be? I keep worrying he has cheated since I have been cheated on before in past relationships.


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