Should I end this relationship before it starts?

Me and this guy have been talking for a couple of months now, i really like him and he wants me to be his girlfriend but i keep telling him no I'm not ready..

We talk as if were in a relationship already but I'm hesitant to make things official because he told me he was still friends with his ex... i absolutely didn't like that because they are still friends on social networks and text each other every now and then..

he told her that he was currently seeing me and she told him she was happy for him.. but yet they sometimes like each others posts on instagram. Me and him had a long talk about them being friends and he said he would stop talking to her if that's what it takes to be with me and i told him i didn't want to make him do anything he doesn't want to..

I'm afraid he's only making me a rebound and might end up being back with her since they chat every now and then.. should i just completely stop talking to him? I feel like their holding on to each other for some reason..


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  • If he and his ex don't have kids or some large financial or legal situation that binds them together, and yet they still meet, you should avoid him because they still have at least a little emotional connection. If they don't actually meet it's different.

    • No they don't meet they just text

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