Sometimes I'm too tired to see my boyfriend. What should I do?

This is my busy time at work and sometimes I am just worn out. Sometimes I am tired and would rather eat leftovers and read for a bit before bed than cook & entertain. Is this an issue? I know once we get serious I'll have to be on duty every night, but we're fairly new. What do you think?


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  • I don't think you see it the right way. I live with my boyfriend and I'm on "on duty". I do cook but that's because he's terrible at it and I enjoy doing so. Though, we often just stay at our flat, eat leftovers, he plays video games while I watch TV or read. It's not because you are together that it has to do something that will tired you even more. You can just be together but do something different.

    • We've only been together six weeks, so it's still that he wants my constant attention and to talk constantly and to lay all over me. :S.

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    • That doesn't slow them down! :P

    • I bet ^^ but he would know what to expect and be less disappointed. Imagine him thinking you'll have a hot night only to find out at the last minute that nothing will happen. Try to give him time to deal with it ;)

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  • Discuss! Sit and tell him wot r u thinking !