Shy girl come in help me please?

Hello. I met this shy, introvert and conservative girl four months ago and we are pretty good friends. I have a huge crush on her. At the first month, we talked a lot and she opened to me. However, as time went on, she became speechless to me when we are staying together. Instead, she will laugh a lot when we sit as a group and kind of loud but she is quiet when there is only she and me. (We have mutual friends and we sit together at lunch everyday) I also asked this girl to dances twice, homecoming and a very formal dance. She said yes to both:) last time I asked her to dance using a cute and creative proposal. From her best friend's description: she was very happy and acted very different. She loved my gift and blushed in crazy. I am not sure because that's what her best friend told me and I didn't see that. Anyway, last time, about three weeks ago, I held her hand (I put my hand on her and held it) but she didn't resist at all. She is also fine for me to touch her head and hair. Does she like me?


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  • She likes you, 90% certain of that. If her friend is telling you that, it's pretty clear she has talked about you. She's waiting for you to take another step. You need to be alone for awhile with her in a quiet setting. Then you can talk more openly and without an audience. From my experience, that's when true feelings start coming out. But I'm not a expert, just have years of experience dating different girls. I still learn more every time I meet someone new. Guess that keeps me from getting bored with life!


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