This girl I'm dating is confused but she said she really likes me?

So I've been dating this girl for 2 months now. She just Got out of a relationship with her first love 3 months ago and I sensed they were still talking. I'm falling for her but she tells me she likes me a lot and her ex doesn't treat her like I treat her. I treat her like a woman and make her wanted.

I asked her if she was still keeping contact with him and she told me she hates him & hasn't spoken to him for a few weeks. This was a red flag to me cause she still spoke to him recently

It was a dumb idea but when she slept over I looked through her text messages and she was talking to 2 other guys. I asked her if she would like to be exclusive with me and she said she's confused with everything. Like she wants to be single and explore right now. Should I continue pursuing her and wait until she's ready?


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  • Move on to someone else. Especially since you like her so much already, getting involved with someone who doesn't know what they want is a good way to get hurt and run around in circles and waste time. I'd say to leave her alone for now until she figures out what she wants.


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