Is it normal to have sex right away after not seeing eachother?

my boyfriend and I haven't hung out in like a week and a half and we did today and the first thing we did was make out and have sex, then cuddle
is this normal? im only asking because once a guy used me only for sex and now im kinda paranoid. but my bf and i do have sex everytime we see eachother just not first thing


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  • Considering I'm under 18 and wouldn't be having sex yet, I wouldn't know.

    • That's respectable, to each their own :)

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    • Well, sex (incliding foreplay plus intercourse) is about 20 minutes of our day. Most of the time when we hang out, we spend hours with each other, if not all day! So of course we talk about stuff.

    • Well, as long as he's going it out of love and not self pleasure, I guess it's okay. :)

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