Told Him I still had feelings for him but He never texted back, What Now?

So the guy I was on the break of dating months ago came back into my life. He was at a mutual friend new years party and he was flirting with and I was flirting with him as well after the party he walked me to his car and when we both got home with both let each other know that we made it home safe. Ever since that party we have been texting. Couple of days ago, it was day where we didn't text each and when we don't I check his Facebook just to see how he is doing aka and (we are not Facebook friends), when I check he posted a status and it was around 12:20 am he said "Sometimes i wish i had a girl by my side. But im to picky been threw to much. i'm complicated." when I saw that I thought okay he either doesn't have feelings for me anymore or his doesn't know that I still have feeling for him. So after 15 minutes of him posting that, I text him, to let him how I feel about him but he never texted me back. So when I sent that I was thinking okay he fell asleep. The next day still no text back from him which is usually because he always texted back no matter what the text said. So I told a mutual friend that got us together the first time and she said that was weird that he didn't text back but again he going through a lot since his cousin which he is close in the ICU on life support ("Which I already knew). So she told me just to texted him and say "Hey if ever need to talk I am here and praying for your cousin" to show him that I'm not selfish and I am there for him. When I text him that, he texted back saying thanks and we talked for a bit and ever since then we are still texting, but he hasn't bring it up. But I'm texting him first but that doesn't who text first as long as each other talking. But the thing is I am trying to be there for him since his cousin is in the ICU, but then again he never mention what I sent to him about how I still has feeling for him and I don't know what to do, I need advice.

I ment to say Unusually for him not text back


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  • Sounds like he's avoiding what you said. If he was interested, he would have responded some type of way to your text. I wouldn't bring it up again. I say just be there for him during these rough times, but also take the back seat. Let him come to you sometimes, and give him space since he's going through a lot.

    • I felt that he was avoiding what I said too, but it unusually for him not to reply back to a text, specially since it was a serious text, but the thing I don't understand if he doesn't like me and he know's that I like him since I sent him that text, why he is still responding to my text where are just talking and having funny conversation?

  • Just tell him straight up what you feel for him, and ask him too, it kind of sounds like he is not in to you as he was back then but hey you never know he's probably too stressed to think about a relationship right now that his family member is in a bad condition, be straight with him, ask him how he feels.

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