Free woman can live life like this?

Do you think marriage is a waste of time? I asked a couple of people why they marry, they answered that they want sex for free. so Is that mean women should charge money for sex instead of getting married? I had a relationship with my boy friend and it was horrible. He doesn't like this and that. He said my hair is this and my shirt is this and my shoe is that. so, if a woman decided to be alone, she would be more stable you think? how about woman who get a job as a sex worker at night, and have a regular day time job, and don't rely on man's income? she can enjoy life like any others. she gets under paid at work anyway. she can sleep with anyone she want if she is single. she can support herself well with sex work, and she doesn't have to waste her money on things to make her husband happy.
it looks like men marry her because she is good at sex work and he wants to steal her time and effort.


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  • The people you asked are in the minority. People get married because they are in love... not everyone in life is all about just sex. It's a great part of marriage but it's not the ENTIRE marriage. People naturally seek companionship, not just in a sexual way but in a romantic way. Women don't necessarily want to sleep with anyone they want, not when they found someone they love, why would they ruin that... there are so many things wrong with this question dear lord

    • if there is love why am I still alone?

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    • I don't think sex worker is good or bad. if someone do good business she makes thousands of dollars per week. and the clients are extremely nice unless it's ghetto.

    • money is marriage is all about it. everyone knows it. it shouldn't be doesn't make much of difference. money takes big parts. that's why people are hiding their past and lies but if you have opportunity to make enough of money for yourself and your future, it's better than marriage.

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  • "so Is that mean women should charge money for sex instead of getting married?"
    "then her husband or boyfriend should bill her too for sex. She too likes it.

    FYI: I don't know about Canada but a few States excepted, prostitution is illegal in the USA.

  • Sex = $5


  • Marriage was designed to enslave women.

    • MRAs say it was designed to enslave men.

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    • you work and make money and spend for sex worker and go to sleep, all the problem in the world solved.

    • Who are gay? MRAs?