Do I wait for something that could totally be amazing and die inside or do I say fuck it and walk?

I met this girl online about two weeks ago. We exchanged photos and started to really hit it off. Until I askto meet her. She only wants to talk and have phone sex. For her it's safe for her this way. She even let me come to her house, I was two inches away from her. And she couldn't come the rest of the way and open up the door. She said to give it time and told me she loves who I am. But she is not ready. Cause the moment she sees me or touches me she will fall in love. We've been exchanging "care packages" for about 4 days now. I'm beginning to lose interest, and I don't want to. I am filled with so much doubt over whether or not she even likes me because she won't meet me. She is also getting over rejection from her father and her previous boyfriend which is driving a huge wedge between us, she isn't the only who has a past and has been hurt. I care so much about her it's stupid. I'mIpulling out my hair. What should I do?


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  • How many red flags do you not see with this picture? She's hiding something...

    • So many red flags, I'm blinded by infatuation. Should I tell her to come clean?

    • You walk away.

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