He's moving way to fast for me and I'm seeing red flags.. do I say goodbye?

Or do I give it more time? It's been only 3 weeks and he's already talking about a future with me. We had some heavy conversations of his past trauma... had 6 major arguments already about me feeling he was trying to control my life or me pushing some sort of "button" of his. Without knowing really why. He just said he got grumpy. He also started moving my furniture around and wanting to buy me new furniture when I said I didn't want it. I am feeling uneasy with him. The sex is not that good either. Although it slowly is getting better. He was super aggressive the first time and I wanted him to slow down and he almost didn't stop when I said to. He did, but pushed my legs aside and said "I don't know what you want!". His reaction scared me. Should I be worried about this guy?


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  • Um... yes! It sounds like he has got some major issues. Major. It's only been 3 weeks, and you guys are already arguing. It also sounds like he is very controlling. It's those one's that you really have to watch and get out early. Plus, the fact that he was aggressive during your first time and almost didn't stop, is a HUGE red flag.
    If you do decide to end it with him, please make sure you end it at a public place (like a restaurant or café), and watch your back (I'm not trying to scare you or anything, it's just, I've heard way too many horror stories).
    Hope this helps

    • thank you! right now I'm ignoring his calls and text... he finally got a clue that I'm pulling away... is that a sucky way to end it? Like you, I'm worried that he can potentially be more dangerous. It really is 50/50 about how I feel about him. At times, we have this amazing connection, but then things just suddenly go south!

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    • omg that's awful!!

    • Yes, please be careful.

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  • WTF? This guy sounds like a total goof! WOW, I would not put up with that. The first few weeks should be nothing total butterflies and good times and can't wait to see each other and it should be easy! This just sounds like a complete mess and he is an idiot! I think you can do better! Good luck!

    • That is what I was thinking! Thank you!

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  • Yes. Earthing literally sounds like a red flag.
    ITS BEEN 3 WEEKS. He's telling you what you want, and he's aggressive. He's gonna get dangerous.

    • *everything

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    • I don't think he would but I don't know him very well... his aggression makes me think he's capable of being dangerous. But of course, I've never met a man with this level of aggression before. So I really don't know at this point.

    • Well, make sure to lock up and be safe just in case. You don't wanna risk it.
      But, definitely don't stay with him