Do you think its possible to have a relationship between two opposite people?

what I mean by this, is that things are so different between me and this other guy that I wonder if it will work out even though we have traits to complement each other, admire each other or find annoying about each other.
He is dominant, business oriented, sometimes cold in how he does decisions, plans ahead , is somewhat considerate, has stated he's willing to change himself, has had a ton of relationship history, has a lot more money, has a lot of support from family and friends. loud.

Me passive, gentle in personality, compassionate, do humanitarian work and volunteer, always care about others more than myself at times, I do things with planning but also consider others emotions, I change myself without saying or try to improve, I don't have much of any relationship history (rejected a lot of guys before), have no support from family or friends (especially financially), don't have a lot of money so work 50 hours a week, quiet.

do you believe that it will work out with opposite type personality people or that it is doomed to fail because we're so different?


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  • Opposite's attract each other , chemistry 101


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