Am I wrong or is he being hypocritical?

This guy and I live in different cities, so seeing each other and talking much has been tough.

We are both busy, but most of the time he's the busier one. Works all day, has gym/events with his friends in the eveninings and goes out every weekend. We don't get much time to talk as a result. I ask him to talk a lot more, FaceTime, etc. and he's usually the one saying he's busy doing something.

However, he has a job interview in my city (he's moving back) and this time it happens to be over a weekend where I work all 3 days. I also work night shift. So in order to see him, I'd have to run on a few hours of sleep after 3 days to see him for a few hours before he leaves for his drive home and I simply don't know if I can hack it this time.

He's acting mad at me for not making the time to see him. I feel this is unfair because of how little time he has for me in his day to day life, but then wants me to move my sleep aside on a weekend that is convenient for him. Am I wrong?


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  • Make plans to see him some other time, you're busy, nothing you can do.

    • I'm trying but he's acting so hurt and offended and like he so rarely gets to come here and I'm not making time. But then he's always busy when we're apart with all kinds of stuff. He's claiming this is different though because he's coming here. Am I wrong?

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    • I just can't. Seeing him would be like me asking him to get up at 3am after 3 days of work to see me. That's how the time works for a night-shifter.

      And I can sort of see him point except week after week I beg for his extra time. I'll get a 5 min phone call here and there and the rest I'm just begging to hear his voice while he's playing basketball, watching movies with friends, etc. Just other stuff going on, but he wants to me to accept that.

    • Give him his options and tell him to pick, you can't jeopardize your schedule for him.

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