Falling for her and I want to know what will get her to commit?

I've been in a quasi LDR for a month or so, with a woman my age. We had one great date, and talk almost daily (some conversations are more personal then others). In the past week and a half I broke my leg, but I want to take her out on a second date. I don't think she is big on having dinner at my place. She says she wants me to heal properly before we do things together.

What can she mean buy this? How can I try to convince her to visit me? Is she not as interested in me as I am her?


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  • She means what she says. She isn't comfortable going to your house yet so don't pressure her.

  • She's interested but really concerned about your health. Just keep talking to her, be flirty, and convince her with a surprise to see you

    • What do you mean by "convince her with a surprise to se her"?

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