What to do after getting her number?

Please don't say call her what kind of thing do I say so it doesn't seemed forced or awkward or a waste of time I feel like with girls theirs a million things that go wrong and one thing to go right to get her to like you but we got along when I met her she seemed cool I just don't want to mess it up again how do you get from number to date


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  • It's always a good sign when a woman gives you the number. It means she has enough interest in you to put the ball on your side of the court. But what should you do now?

    The next step is to call her to make a date. This will tell you if her interest level is high enough for her to actually go out with you. You do not want to use the phone talk to her about anything else except to ask for the date. Therefore, don't worry about what you should talk about when you call because you are going to save all the talking for date, face to face.

    Most guys once they get a girl's phone number make several mistakes that you should avoid. First, after getting the number they can't even wait to get home before calling her. What's the big hurry? Second, most will call and talk with the girl for hours on end. They pour their hearts out to her about everything that's going on in their lives. The girl will lose any sense of mystery she had in the guy if he does this. The more the guy talks, the quicker the relationship will come to a crashing end.

    Call her, ask for the date, and save the conversation for when you're with her.

    I hope this helps. : )


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  • You can text he. "Hey I enjoyed *insert whatever you did with her* last time." As an opener and then use insert to lead into "do you want to (keep it open like hang out to give her the choice of yes or no but always have a plan)" or "how has your day been"

  • "Please don't say call her" okay, then, throw her number away? 'Cause what's the point of having it then?

    • No of course I would call her but if someone says just call her it's over simplyfying the problem

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  • Did you talk about food, movies, events with her? Do you know what she likes?

    • Not really I just talked about the play we were at she was always laughing and like leans one me but yeah do you just ask what are you into? Girls usually seem to like me I get their number and don't know what's next

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    • Yeah I know it's bad I've been very sheltered and I'm new to this lol

    • You can never be an expert with people take it from me I'm studying psychology for my second major, and I still have much to learn. If you can learn and learn fast you should be fine, so they rarely don't reply back to you, depending on what she texts you and if you offered to go places but she dodges or accept will tell you if you got a good chance. Short messages usually mean they aren't interested but hey, if you are willing to put a little more effort then I'm not going to say not to.