First date on a boat - ideas?

I've been talking to this girl for a while that I really like. the other day we was arranging a date because we both are busy with work and I suggested beach and swimming and she offered to take me out on her boat.

do you think this is a good idea.
do you think it will be fun-awkward.
what are somethings I should say, ask, talk about.
I want her to really like me so we can be closer eventually and I don't want to be friendzoned.

we both have shared pictures and both have the same interests and like the same stuff and like each others personality so far and love talking on the phone and texting non stop all day.

just be nice for some advice, input, ideas, suggestions, what people think and would say and do, ask etc...

really don't wanna stuff this date up like my last 10 dates


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  • A boat is a great idea, mini golf, museums, haunted tours are always good too

    • usually a guy would ask a girl out on a date on a boat. but she has asked me out on a date on her boat. pretty cool. I just want to know what I should do, say, act, etc... so I don't make it bad date I want to make it fun and make her like me.

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