Have you ever had your heart seriously broken?

What happened and how did you move on?


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  • Yup. My first serious relationship lasted a year and a half. Slowly he stopped making time to see me even though we were at the same college and lived no more than 5 min away from each other. I finally confronted him and he said he didn't want to put anymore effort into the relationship. All he wanted to do was play video games. That was the first part of the heartbreak. The worst part came when I was watching him stream (something gamers do when they play video games. Its like them talking into a camera while they play) and he was talking to the other guys he was playing with about a girl he had hooked up with. And this was only a week or so after we'd broken up!! And I knew the girl!! We had hung out a few times! So I was absolutely heartbroken and I didn't want anything to do with him. I moved on by joining Tinder, Hot or Not, and Ok Cupid. LOL! I went on several dates, felt sexy and wanted again, and now I've got a great boyfriend who's way better than that jerk I had before! :D


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  • Several times and all you can do is let time heal

  • When my girlfriend emotionally cheated on me and I saw the whole thing coming... he's just a friend and a nice guy she said... time passes she started to feel for him too...

  • Yes... but that was a long time ago.

    I was 19 and it was Summer... ah you don't want to hear this crap.

    • Mmm y don't I? Haha I always love story time

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    • Ok, if you insist. It was Summer, I was 19 and vice versa.
      I'd just come home for the summer holidays and I was keen to make up for lost time with my then girlfriend Myrtle (no she wasn't 84 years old, that was her real name) so I called her up as we did in those days (2005/2006) and she was keen to hook up that night and was excited to see me.

      I'd bought her this kind of watch in a locket necklace thing that was gold with silver plating, she loved it.
      So I gave her the gift, she loved it and said she would only wear it for very special occations. We went out, had a great night. We went to see a movie and then dinner. After dinner we had a night of sex, like so much of it all different ways.
      It seemed like we had enjoyed each other's company so muc, there was never a dull moment.

      The next day I went back home but I couldn't stop thinking about her so I decided to surprise her again back at her place and I bought some flowers and a bottle of chardonnay... continue on next post

    • So I had the roses and chardonnay and I'm going to her place where I "knew" she would be at her house alone because her parents were away on a trip. It was Saturday so I new she wasn't working that day either and should be there.

      I knock on the door, no answer, I thought nothing of it she's probably in the shower or something. So I go round the back because I know her backdoor is always open (in more ways than one).

      As I make my way round the side of the house, I hear loud grunting noises and I thought maybe she left the tv on and the Australian open tennis was on with a girl match (which it is that time of year).

      I get in the house and I go to her room, the door is wide open and she's taking it from behined from my old p. e teacher who I really looked up to. And she was wearing the necklace!
      I drop the roses and the chardonnay and it smashes on the floor.
      All I said was "what the fuck" and I left, never spoke to her again. My friends and I found the p. e teacher later on.

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