Im Scared of older guys because... I'm not sure how to read them?

So I'm 25 & I've always dated young thug or jock types basically? its sad to sum them up like that but they're readable & I understand the rules of dating... but I've started talking to a 35 yr old he's 6'3 actually hott, he's ex military ( Marine & later contracter) he blatantly told me who he is? Which is- "dominate guy, bossy, grumpy
Said he's dominate & he could make me submit ( sexually? Or what?) he's very intelligent & fun to argue with but like things we've talked about are confusing? Like - He's not looking for a gf because he's focused on what he wants (money & be a cop now that he quit contracting last year) he wants a "fwb" but they have to have exclusive sex & be there to hangout with him on his days off & they can't & he won't talk to other people , but should give each other space & as well & focus primarily on self improvements & goals & see how it goes? sounds like a relationship right? But okay...& then he's waaaaay more travelled & sexually experienced than me >_< like he likes rough stuff..( haven't hooked up he just tells me) honestly he's interesting but I'm very unsure I'm young, bossy, I've been in control of me since I was 11, I'm not submissive still figuring things out , kinda of a stoner makeup artist thing going on? I like how blunt , confident & smart he is? But how are we compatible? It all seems kinda intense & out of my comfort zone? What do I do? Why would he be interested in me anyways? (Other than looks)


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  • I think he likes you and wants some sort of relationship but doesn't want to label it. And I think he is into bdsm, and that he is a Dom.

    • I've never done anything like that :/ sounds scary/painful

    • It's not for everyone, of course. I like it, but everyone's different. If that were to happen, and you've never done it before, I am sure that he would be gentle and take it easy in the beginning and then 'lead' you into it.

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  • Getting out of your comfort zone is usually a good thing - give it a spin and see what happens.

  • sounds like you want it but are unsure to give up control but you want to at the same time an you mite think that you mite like it ruff so why not give it a shot an see what you think if you dont like it tell him an leave what will it hurt right.

    • Lol that summed it up perfectly & yeah maybe i should try something new

    • an i know what you mean about the ruff thing some times i like it like that then some times i dont but i like the girl im having sex with to be my girl.

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