So I met this girl, she is hard to read?

our first conversations started quite normal and then all of the sudden she was talking about she doesn't like "vergins" (which i am not) but still it kind of f*cks me off that people choose who to get in a relationship on something like that. Do all girls think that way, if a guy is a Vergin and the girl isn't, would you still date them/ get into a relationship?


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  • It wouldn't stop me from getting into a relationship, but.. I must agree that having sex with a virgin isn't exactly pleasing.

    I want a guy who knows what he's doing and has the confidence to be doing it. I understand that everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has a first time, but I'd prefer to be with a guy after he figures it all out.

    • well i only had 2 girlfriends so i wouldn't consider my self "experienced" :/

    • Sounds like you have plenty of experience lol I'm sure you don't give yourself enough credit. :)

    • thanks i guess, time will tell i guess :3

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  • She is a bitch... not every girl is like her

    • A girl isn't a bitch for having a preference on who she would like to have sex with.