He's Stopped calling me as much as he used to?

I'll admit that at first I thought woah this guy texts me everyday and calls me every couple of days. It took me a while to get used to it and I shortly found myself initiating text conversations and calling him too. When it got to the Christmas holidays we weren't in contact much and he was away with family, so I left him to it.

I saw him once over Christmas (he came back from his trip a little early and invited me over) we had a good night. Then I noticed we still weren't talking as much after that night. we spoke on new years for a bit and I texted him on a few occasions and he would stop replying after a while.

At this point I thought okay he's lost interest. Then out of nowhere he starts texting me like he used to, calls me to ask when I'm free, he says it's a surprise - fast forward to Sunday we went out and it was the best time I've had in ages. He texted me to say good night... He's back to communicating less, I called him the other night and I felt a really weird vibe from him. it's not like he's gone m. I. a on me, things are just different.

I wanna know if I'm wasting my time here. Or if he's expecting me to do the chasing now? Is this how it works?


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  • Some guys just have "guy time" and stop being as social, it doesn't mean anything is wrong, it's good if he is calling and texting regularly.

    • I get that. However he isn't really in contact regularly. I was so surprised when he called me last week to arrange a date on Sunday..

    • If he is arranging dates, he's very interested, be happy.

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  • He's talking to you when it's convinent for him. If your having sex with him - then that's the reason why. If your not having sex with him then that's what's keeping him away (sex with someone else).