How to show her that you have a good personality without becoming her friend?

I'm going to keep this simple. I'm 19 and I'm not that much to look at. I'm not hideous, but I'm not all that attractive either. Girls tend to find my personality attractive though. I don't want to keep being the 'guy friend' that has to watch said girl be with other guys all of the time. I've done it enough times, and it hurts. In the beginning I am upfront about my feelings (and girls say no generally because I'm not attractive) but I can't keep asking her otherwise it comes off as desperate, so I end up just becoming her friend. So, how do I show her my personality without her only wanting to be friends?


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  • Tell her you find her attractive and that you want to know her better. She can't friendzone you after that. I'm speaking from personal experience. A guy told me that he was attracted to me when we weren't really freinds but in the same highschool. We talked for about six months and then got together. He has a great personality but isn't much to look at. But, even if I tried, I couldn't friendzone him. We're together for almost a year now. Just comliment her and remember that confidence is hella cute/sexy/hot/adorable/attractive. ^_^ Good luck!


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  • Get to know her, how else? You can't show her a photo of your personality?


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  • After she tells you "no" you say to her "Thanks for your honesty, unfortunately I'm not looking for friends. See you around" and move on to the next girl. The mistake is hanging around after the rejection.

    • But girls in general don't want me because of my physical appearance. So pretty much every girl is going to reject me initially..

    • I doubt that. You can boost your appearance to work with what you have and approach with confidence.

  • Stop being her friend when she says No.
    By being her friend, you're basically giving her an excellent consolation prize for saying No.

    Stop that.

    If she says No, you move on completely. Find a girl that wants you the way you want her. And stop giving the best part of yourself to some girls for free.

    • I said the same to the other guy:
      But girls in general don't want me because of my physical appearance. So pretty much every girl is going to reject me initially..

    • Not true. Girls can have wildly varying tastes in men, and it only takes 5 minutes to be entertaining enough to some girl for her to decide to give you a chance on one date. The trick is not to let too long a time go by between introduction and asking her out. Be more confident in yourself. Confidence really is the key, and it's kind of sickening how few guys will accept that, but the ones that do and find out it's true simply can't convince the guys left behind.

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