What should I do next? Was she being sincere or letting me down east?

I got this girls number last week and we have texted about everyday since. A few days ago i asked if she wanted to go get coffee (ended up calling it going out for a beverage and it made her laugh) and we planned for next week because we were both busy this week. Yesterday i got a text from her while at work and this is the conversation that followed:

Her: Hey so i have been thinking about this whole beverage thing and it sounds like fun but, i kinda had a complicated thing in (last place lived) and we got into this fight a little while ago and im not comfortable with going out with anyone yet im really sorry

Me: Alright, its cool and i understand

Her: Im really sorry but when im over it i will definetely call you

We talked for a few more hours afterwards, in a fairly involved conversation. I know i need to give her space, it would be a good thing to do anyways. But was she letting me down easy or should i wait for her call?


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  • that's weird.. I would probably give her the benefit of the doubt but at the same time im not gonna wait around for her, im gonna date other girls with potential too. I don't know man but I don't think you should stay strung on one.

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