How to be more attractive to Men?

Ok so I want to know what it takes to be attractive to guys. I'm fairly overweight (although the shape of my body and proportions help me look more evened out than 'round') people always day 'you're not fat or you're not that big' but I feel horrible and yes I'm gyming and eating right to lose the weight. I know men are mainly into looks, like that's what attracts them but I'm not ugly in fact I think I'm pretty like really pretty. I have a good hour glass shape, I'm smart and a really nice person. Of course I have many other shortcomings but I would consider myself a catch but I know my weight kinda puts me in the 'no go zone' and I mean weight loss is a journey and it's true that I like tall well built guys with muscle but does it mean I'll never get my 'ideal' man in terms of aesthetics? I need to wait till I'm thin to even have a shot at being with an attractive guy? It's just so disheartening to see girls bigger than me walking around with guys that are attractive and I'm like why can't that be me or girls who I don't think are that pretty (beauty is subjective I know) get more attention cause of their slim bodies? It just slays the self esteem you know? So I want to know how I can be more attractive? Is it really confidence? I dress well, wear make up and take good care of myself.

  • Physical appearance is always important
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  • I would date a nice girl even if she was overweight and trying to lose weight
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  • Like everyone say... Confidence is the key.
    Like you said, people tell you that you are evened out so it does not put you in the no go zone (definitely no). And as for the "attractive" thing, you said you are working on it, and every guy has his own taste (you cannot please everyone).
    Personally I would prefer an "evened out" over a slim girl.
    Last point. . - when love happens, when he falls for you, he would not see what your weight is

    • Good luck..
      (I am glad my opinion is MHO for you)

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What Guys Said 6

  • Well, the masculine desires the feminine.

    Many women do not desire to be feminine any more. They believe it makes them weak and vulnerable... and it does. To the wrong man, they will take advantage of it, yes, which is why your gut instinct must always take priority over what your heart is telling you.

    For men, a feminine woman who loves from her heart is rare, and more beautiful than all of the riches in the world.

    If you can discover the inner woman God has made in you, you will instantly become attractive and beautiful, universally so.

  • I'll be a bit blunt and frank here regarding we Guys (as per my observation):

    Attractive = Physical appearance --->>> YESSS!!! Coz almost most of the guys drool over the appearance of girls.. Just try to secretly observe GUYS watching out GIRLS... You'll get to know the difference.

    Confidence --->>> YES!! Does matter a lot but is weak over Physical Appearance to most Guys.

    But then why not gather CONFIDENCE + PHYSICAL APPearance... A great thing to go with, Ain't it? :)

  • I hate when women can't take a complement that's why I prefer confidence.

  • Confidence is the key + males are visual! Thus you need you can turn them on by your looks hot ass and tits, while in case of girls, I guess they love by voice and ears, you know how to play right with words and delight them with voice.

  • Lose weight, lose clothing

  • when I read your question I knew you're fat. When I entered thread, you said, that you're fat.

    Lose fat by gym and diet, everything else is pointless.


What Girls Said 2

  • Omg, I've been researching this topic for a while. So far, I've found this:

    - long hair
    - wear flattering clothing
    - fit body
    - 0.7 waist to hip ratio (hourglass)
    - whiten your teeth
    - wear makeup that enhances you
    - be involved in activities
    - have good posture
    - wearing red
    - adhere to hygiene
    - be feminine

  • Just be your self that's how you are gonna to attract somebody

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