Students, how do you go about dating?

I'm a full time student and I work part time. I haven't been in a relationship in over two years. I'd like to date but I find that I don't make enough time for myself. Even my parents question my dating life because I don't even go on dates. I don't mind being single but I'd be lying if I said I don't get lonely at times. I feel like guys wouldn't understand my schedule. I go to school in the mornings and then I work afternoons and weekends. So how do you go about dating? Is it hard/complicated?


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  • You are, definitely not having enough time for yourself, but don't sweat it.
    I'd worry about your education before having a booboo.
    If this helps, I'm still single since 2011, most relationships are just to blow off time,
    they exist so that when you find something better, you move on.

    the relationship you dream of does exist, I won't say it doesn't hehe,
    but when your doing the math, every hour your not working, you lose your 8 bucks? that can go to whatever you enjoy, such as sushi, or your car, or some really nice shoes.

    Umm. maybe consider having girl's night out? Other girls may know guys, and they can hook you up.
    a blind date sorta speak.

    Your parents questioning your love life was amusing to read. lol
    Don't even thank me, that was more than enough for me :D


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  • I just make it work. it doesn't matter if my schedule is busy or not, if I am willing then I will find a way, if I am not willing then I will find an excuse.

  • Full time student, I don't date because of time/commitment restraints. I tried it, but I haven't met someone worth all the extra effort. Better to just wait.


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