When should I text a girl to see if she is alright?

To cut a long story short me and my best friend who's female had developed feeling for each other. We both agreed nothing would happen as we both have partners but were having problems at home. we said leave it 2 weeks abs see how it goes. She sorted things out with her partner I however didn't. We did/do spend a lot of time together and always have good chat and a laugh. I then told her I can't see her for a little while even just as friends just incase the thought of her is confusing my feelings for my wife, she said she understands but was a bit upset and would miss my company. And for me to text her when i was ready. I feel awful, confused lots of things. Would I be better to leave texting her to check if she is alright? Or a text to see if she is alright is it harmless? Seemed strange telling a good friend I couldn't see her quite upsetting really, she looked close to tears but as always was understanding.


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  • Wow, leave her alone! You're both snaking behind your spouses having emotional affairs. You need to dedicate this energy to your spouse so you can strengthen the marriage instead of setting up an option b.
    Seriously people! :X

    • I did say I would have to not see her to not confuse my feelings for my wife and to ensure if I leave her it is for the right reasons. She however was luckily enough for her able to sort things out with her partner. I felt guilty on my friend telling her I couldn't see her for a while, as she looked very upset. Which was the right thing to do. We worked together and were good friends before we had feelings for each other so its not like she is a random Women I met and happened to get along with (not that it makes it any better). I just don't want to ruin a good friendship and felt bad for her and my wife. That is a potential problem with being good friends with a member of the opposite sex, you can develop feeling for them. You are right we unintentionaly set up a plan B.

    • It's despicable tbh & insidious that knowing she's reconciled with her spouse that in the back of your head you've already begun looking for ways to reconnect to her. Seriously if you respect or care for your wife in any small way, leave this woman behind entirely! Do not look for her, do not think on her, do not ask on her. Let her be happy in her life & marriage without the shadow of you begging for attention. Your wife deserves so much more than this that I find it upsetting & I don't know any of you!

    • I do apologise if you find this upsetting. I was upset myself telling her I had to keep my distance and felt extremely guilty on my wife. I ultimately decided to keep my distance to ensure that my feelings towards my wife were true and not tarnished by external distractions. We have had problems for a little while now. I told my friend I was fooling myself being there and it was wrong of me. She sees us as good friends so does not see a problem with this as we done nothing. She is also the one who says we can keep in touch and hopes she doesn't have to wait to long to hear off me. I think she is fooling herself to a degree, as she says she wished she meet me years ago and likes my company.

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