Why would my boyfriend lie?

So I asked my boyfriend if he would like to go with me on a weekend vacation, which would be a stay over night at a hotel, with my parents and he told me he would like to but he doesn't feel comfortable with spending the night with my parents. Then today his dad told my mom that he has a big game that weekend and could not miss it.
I'm just confused as to why my boyfriend wouldn't tell me the truth?


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  • Maybe he feared that you wouldn't like the fact that he was refusing to go with you to go to his game.

    • I don't understand why he would be afraid. I'm pretty understanding and especially since I know he really loves to play hockey.

    • I'm gonna go with this one and well... that is guys for you from what they hear about girls from other guys... they think we will all go bush over them over nothing lol i'm like you too i'm more understanding and accepting so i know how it feels when a guy fears i might go bush and is convinced he knows a woman... lol, i've been on dates with guys like this and well... it didn't last long because he thought he knew it all. I'm not at all fussed about a guy telling me the truth because my parents always have just been blunt about things towards me and well... a few times we would be scared about pointing out things to me because he fears how i would react, i told him no i wouldn't react bad id understand... he kept disrgarding what i said like he knows how i would react :\ lol he really didn't...

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  • He probably dint wanna disappoint u

    • If anything, it disappointed me that he would lie like that. I'm pretty understanding and know that he has a love for hockey.

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    • Understood. Though at the same time I would believe he would know that by now.

    • Lol i think he should apologize

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  • Cuz he probably thought you were going to be upset if he told you he wasn't going just because he had a game, simple as that.

    • Understood, but as his girlfriend I wouldve understood since I know he loves to play hockey.

    • Then i'm not really sure why he would lie. But maybe what he told you first was right eventhough it was a lie. Its not that he doesn't like your parents or doesn't feel comfortable with them its that he's not ready to spend more time with them or something (he may feel a little awkward.)

  • He did not lie, he feared that he would disappoint you or make you feel the rejection