The transition from good friends to dating?

Hi everyone. I was just hoping to get your help on this if you've been through it before? So basically, me and a very good guy friend of mine kind of have a thing going on... I was just wondering if you've gone through this, what was it like for you? I know I really like him, and I'm so happy with what's happening, but I don't know. Like the last time we hung out is when "it" really started I guess, and every time I think about seeing him again, I obviously get excited, but also scared that it will be awkward and we won't have anything to say and that the relationship will just be strained overall. We're still talking and stuff (texting) and we've even talked about hanging out again soon, but I guess I'm just nervous because our friendship means a lot to me. If you've gone through this before, am I supposed to feel like this? Did it work out for you? How do I prevent myself from fearing awkwardness and over-thinking things? Thanks guys!


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  • My junior year in high school I had this exact thing happen to me, she was my best friend and I was nervous but I took a chance and kissed her and we have been together for five years. If you like him tell him!

    • Thank you this comment made me happy :) was it ever awkward for you guys in the beginning/were you afraid of that?

    • Of course! I hope it helps. It was a little, but that fades away quickly once you get used to being with them in a romantic way :)

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