After you know you like each other, what do you do? please help?

We know we like each other, but we are both to introverted to say anything! What and how can we take the step into a relationship? I have only dated people before, never been in a relationship. How do you move past just knowing you like each other. We are freshmen in college and I'm worried if I can't figure out a way to tell him soon it will fizzle out. help please!


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  • Go on lots of dates and basically just spend lots of time together. Good luck!


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  • if you are sure that he like you
    you can invite him to cofee or do somethings that he understand your feeling and or just tell him I LOVE YOU
    but if you was wrong and he see you just a friend can make troubles between you


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  • Ask him to hang out together, when you feel comfortable enough, pop the question. "Where are we at now?" Take that chance to know each other better in order to connect even more.

    Good luck :)

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