Should I text or find her in person?

I want to ask out my crush soon, and she works tonight so I could just walk in there. But, I'd probably have to do it right when she gets off of work so I see her and I can talk to her in private. BUT, I can't do anything Friday and I doubt she'll want to Saturday night since she works a long time on Sat.

So I would either have to ask her out for tonight is she's up for it (even though it's very sudden for her) but I'll probably already have eaten dinner but she won't. OR I could ask her out for Sunday or Monday but that would be kinda weird cause we'd see each other at work Saturday...

I was thinking maybe I should just text her though... so she is prepared ahead of time and so I know not to eat dinner at my house...

Please help!


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  • Text ahead of time and ask when she's free, that way you'll be guaranteed to hang out.


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  • I still think you should find her in person. I think it gives a better impression.

    • I know... I guess it's just more risk more reward. Do you think that if I see her tonight I should ask her to go out tonight? Even though it'd be a bit sudden (even though she is expecting me to ask her out eventually).

    • I think you should take the chances you have. Ask for tonight and you can even suggest another day if she's not available today. If she's expecting, I think there will be no problems.

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