Girls who started dating "as friends" first: how did this approach work out for you? Did you find someone this way or?

If you started dating by meeting people and approaching the relationship as "friends first", did the friendship turn into somthing more or did this approach not work out? I see a lot of online profiles that say this is what they want. I'm curious if this approach has worked for you (or if it hasn't). What say you?

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Thanks for the votes / response. Thought just a few voted, I'm pretty surprised that the results are all positive. Wow!


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  • We started by going on a vacation 'as friends'.

    • Interesting. My gut tells me there must have been something more to start with to go on vacation together.

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    • We were both single.
      We both had a vacation in our mind. (Not the same destination)
      We both had asked a good friend. Both friends declined.
      Then she asked me, I was glad to accept , thinking "we'll see what happens." I changed my destination , booked two tickets and two rooms.
      I managed to be a good companion and we stayed together.

    • Her wish and or destination turned out to be Paris, from 23 Dec till 1 or 2 Jan. Since I have family living there, I know it about as well as my own city.

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