Ever go on a date with someone that seemed so confident and calm when you first met, only to find they were shy and awkward?

I was really surprised. I enjoyed my time with him more the second time when he wasn't so nervous and awkward. I was surprised because when I met him, he was calm and seemed confident and has a "look" about him like with the tattoos and the clothes. Then going out, soo very different. Nothing wrong with shy or awkward, I just was surprised and a little turned off. Anyone else experience this? even with girls?

The other thing too is the second time we went out he was so much calmer. I felt giddy and like I was getting to know him. Had a great time. But now that it's been like a week I keep thinking of the first time and how awkward it was. Ughh


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  • He might like you so much that he is nervous.

    Maybe he was nervous the first time. You said he seemed calmer the second time and you enjoyed yourself?

    It's possible he is getting over his nerves. If you like him, third time might be even better!


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