Why do I want to kiss him?? I need help girls and guys

ok so I don't like this guy but he likes me a lot...but I don't like him but for some reason I want to kiss him. maybe its becuz he said he wants to kiss me and that he thinks I am cute. but I don't feel the same way about him so why do I want to kiss him so bad I don't get it? help?


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  • This happened to me a year ago, there was this girl I didn't have much interest in but she liked me a lot and I think was probably willing to go as far as sleep with me haha, but I didn't really want to do it because she had a reputation as somewhat of a slut, changed bfs frequently, and I generally just didn't click with her personality. But part of me did want to do it, just because it was something I knew I could get I suppose. But I ended up not doing it, because I wanted my fist girlfriend to be someone I liked, not doing it just for the sake of having some romance. This might be the same with you, because you know he likes you, plus you may also have the pity factor wherein you want to kiss him to try and make up for the fact you are arn't into him and so he can have some happiness from you.


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