How do I get her attention?

there's this freshmen i kinda have a thing for, even though I've never talked to her before. Like most freshmen every where, they think theyre allthat when they really aren't. I want her to notice me. Im a sophmore and i want to see if she's more than just a clueless girl

  • talk to her
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  • study her a little bit (not stalk)
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  • hard to get
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  • forget about her and look for someone easier to reach
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  • Talk to her and see what her personality is like. Not all freshman think they're all that. Also, when you're talking to her ask her for her kik or phone number and if she refuses just leave it at that but if she does give it to you don't text her right away. Wait until the evening or maybe even the next day to make sure you don't come off as clingy.

  • Tell her talk to her


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