Are these pretty bad lies? What lies has a guy or girl told you when you're just getting to know eachother?

This guy I have known a while, we have gotten closer. He lost his license, saying over and over he just physically lost it. Well after his story no adding up he admits (not to lying, though) that it is actually suspended!
Another lie is he takes photographs and he showed me one and I complimented it. And he said "thanks that means a lot because I haven't shown this to anyone yet." And it's freaking online on every one of his networking sites from like a year ago. I don't use the sites so he figured I wouldn't know. I obviously googled him when he said license suspended, I wanted to see if he was in a police record for something. Then there's a second lie.

He just didn't strike me as a liar at all... Very sweet and intelligent guy. I just sorta feel uneasy and quite honestly a bit offended.

Can anyone share their experiences with dating and dishonesty? We have been on two dates but I'm not sure this is going to go any further now.

Thanks all this is still bugging me. I feel a bit insulted


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  • I don't lie when getting to know someone. It's stupid... once you lie you gotta keep up with the lies. Before you know it you've just built your relationship on LIES.

    • Yes exactly! And his license story was crumbling over and over. I wonder what will be next, except I think I'm done.

    • You should be done.

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  • This is bizarre, and you shouldn't get involved any further until you've gotten a very good explanation.


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  • Reminds me exactly of this guy I used to know! He is a very sweet person, even liked by many but he was a pathological liar. He would do similar things were he would show me something like a song and say it was him singing when it wasn't. There were many lies and most of it has to do with boosting his own self esteem perhaps but mostly just to impress me. If you look up pathological liars online you'll find that te main reason behind it is insecurity.