Guys: Long-distance relationships. Am I expecting too much?

Recently i have moved overseas, 8 hours away by plane from the states. Since I am a teacher I come back to the states for 2 months during the summer and 2 weeks at Christmas. I would eventually like to start dating someone from the states and move back there when it gets serious to start a family. I have no problem with making more frequent trips home to visit if i am dating someone. I have had a good amount of guys tell me they want to date me but when they find out that I'm living overseas they say they can't do long-distance. If you met a girl over the summer that you had a connection with and were attracted to would doing long-distance for like a year be a deal breaker? Am i expecting too much?


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  • It wouldn't be a deal breaker if a strong connection was there. But if it's a "wait and see" type thing, I would be hesitant.


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  • Long distance is very hard. Not everyone is interested in it. You'll have to keep looking and maybe you'll find someone.


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