Going to get gum/mint. Does it ruin the moment?

So, if you're hanging out with your crush and suddenly you feel that moment you're about to kiss. Would it ruin the moment if your crush went to get a gum and came back?

My crush and I are good friends right now. We've cuddled and kissed a couple times but are taking things very slow. Whenever I sense she wants to kiss me or whenever I feel like going for it, I suddenly feel very self conscious about my breath. Even if I brushed and used mouthwash before she shows up, I still wonder. I wouldn't want to ruin the start of a possible relationship with somehow having bad breath during our first few make out sessions. So, I've either chickened out or just taken the risk, but I wonder if I should just get up and go get a gum whenever I feel we're about to kiss.

  • Yes, the moment would pass because I walked away
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  • Yes, because I've added pressure by getting a gum, the kiss should happen naturally
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  • No, it wouldd be an appreciated gesture
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  • No, but offer her one too, she's thinking the same thing
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  • Forget the gum and just go for the kiss
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  • Ruined moment, both because you left and because it shows lack of confidence. Huge turn off.


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  • No get one and give me one too


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